Go Nechama, Registered Association 580599546, was established as a non-profit organization on November 2014 and still operates without offices and payroll expenses.

Our vision is to accompany women and men through one of the most difficult periods of their lives – separation and divorce – and to provide them with an important toolbox to enable them to get through the separation in a manner that is optimal for them and their children.

Separation is a confusing and painful period, accompanied by various changes that could lead to personal crisis, economic uncertainty, relocation, shifts in relationships with the children and extended family, sometimes the loss of mutual friends and many other issues appearing during divorce disputes.

The association board consists of 12 qualified and experience professionals, all working on a voluntary basis, including a family lawyer, psychologist, social worker, psychotherapist, family therapist and certified mediator.

In addition, the association operates a forum of volunteers who underwent proper training, enabling them to accompany and support those who seek assistance during one of the most difficult periods of adult life.

Thus far, the association has accompanied dozens of individuals.

For the first time, the association will offer initial legal advice and relevant information to enable individuals to properly conduct and manage the dispute settlement process and alleviate the legal process.

Individuals seeking association support will be offered accompaniment, support and empathy from a dedicated volunteer, all subject to board supervision.

Concurrently, they will undergo a series of 5 sessions offering support and growth options, including: guided imagery, psychodrama, NLP, movement, voice, writing, drawing and other tools.  The aim is to enable them to see the light, the hope and the path for growing out of the crisis.

For personal requests:

gonechama@gmail.com   sigalorco@gmail.com

24/7 human response call center: 03-577-1870

Nechama group website: gonechama.co.il

Sigal Or Cohen

Director, Go Nechama